Session Dates

Fall II: November 1 - December 23

Winter 2017: January 2 - February 28

Spring I: March 1 - April 30

Spring II: May 1 - June 26

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Register Online

Click on calendar to enroll in a session. To register for a drop-in class, please contact info@overheadarts.com. Please read our Registration Forms & Policies.

What to Wear & Bring

Wear close fitting clothes, in which you are comfortable moving and going upside down. Leotards with tights or leggings that go down to mid-calf are ideal. Light weight, long sleeve shirts that cover the midriff and underarms will help prevent abrasions and protect sensitive skin. Long hair should be pulled up. Please remove all jewelry, buckles, gum, etc. before class.

Please bring a bottle of water. It's best not to eat anything heavy up to an hour before class. However, make sure you've eaten something prior so that you'll have energy for class! You can also bring a light snack just in case.

"I am so euphoric I can start to invert in the air!!!! Thank you!" - Student

"What a beautiful studio. I would highly recommend Overhead Arts for classes or parties." - Parent

"My daughter adores the class... It's one of her favorite parts of the week." - Parent